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OKTIBBEHA COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-Two Louisville High School alums who graduated in 1977 are reunited after a chance phone call.

At one point they worked about a mile apart…..before they came together as one in holy matrimony about three decades later.

Now in their 50’s these love birds, are now life long partners.

For the Oktibbeha County couple who got married on September 17th, 2011, it seems like only yesterday when they walked the halls of Louisville High.

“Jerry came in 1974 from Florida. And I first knew him when he rode our school bus. I rode the school bus from all the way out here and he was the last to get on. I was the first to get on and he was the last to get on,” said Sandra Dawkins Nail, Oktibbeha County.

“And her two brothers and all the wild crew that rode, we called it the Bluff Lake Bus. Because it started at Bluff Lake and it came, picked us up last,” said Jerry Nail, Oktibbeha County.

“After I graduated from Mississippi State University I worked there for nine years. Then I got a job offer at College Station, Texas A & M. And moved there for 11 and a half years. Came back here and was here almost 10 years when we reconnected,” said Dawkins Nail.

Call it fate, or maybe divine intervention, a chance phone call to old high school friend apparently fanned hidden flame of love.

“And then Jerry’s name came up and I thought, well I remember him. So I called all of them, men and women and got him on the phone and he says yes I remember you,” said Dawkins Nail.

“Like I said when she called me and we kind of talked a little bit and it had been 33 years since I heard her voice since we were in high school. And I said something to my friend that works with her, Dr. Ashley Brown, and she said oh you got to come see her you got to meet her and she set up our little get together,” said Jerry Nail.

“And he called me on Friday night and he said lets beat them to the draw. I really don’t want to be on display when we get to know each other again, so lets go to lunch on Tuesday,” said Dawkins Nail.

The two love birds did pull a fast one on their cupid minded friends by lunching before the scheduled get together.

Fourteen months later there was an engagement ring and marriage proposal, the first life time partner for both of them.

“And we just didn’t know it. We were crossing each others path for all this time and just never saw each other,” said Jerry Nail.

So at the home where they both expect to spend the rest of their lives together….a unity candle from that wedding day, when two lost souls found each other after 33 long years.

Jerry Nail describes his sweetheart wife as an academically gifted student while they attended Louisville High.

For years they lived less than a mile apart and didn’t know it.

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