Ole Miss community reacts to new chancellor selection

OXFORD, Miss. (WCBI) – A scheduled news conference to announce Ole miss’s new chancellor was abruptly cancelled when students, alum, and Oxford community members protested and expressed their displeasure with the decision.

Instead of a round of applause there were shouts of disapproval

Students expressed concerns about no higher learning experience at a university, and faculty and students felt left out of the hiring process.

“I hope this results in Glen Boyce’s stepping down and the entire IHL being replaced,” said alumni Dr. Gwen Brunt.

Over 100 protesters made up of students faculty and alum showed up for the press conference to show their displeasure with the decision to name Glen Boyce as the new leaders of the University of Mississippi.

“The whole process has been a shame. The IHL should be very embarrassed and the government who appointed them should be embarrassed”

After so many protesters got into the room the doors were shut to keep more protesters from crowding in

Freshman Gracie Bush joined the protest for a very simple reason

“I hope this protest lets the administration and the IHL know that the student body is displeased with the outcome of the chancellor search and we think that they should reconsider their options and perhaps change it,” said Bush.

Even prior to the news conference, students like Gabi Wells were upset over their voices not being heard

“Ole Miss is a big institution and we need a leader who knows how to be active and do the things we need to get done so I’m honestly worried and I’m really upset because we need to be in these rooms and in these processes so I hope they answer all our questions when the time comes,” said Wells.

The process has left many feeling this is a rocky start

“I hope they he unites us but I don’t think you can unite us when you would accept the job the way that he did,” said student Wade Chapman.

The protest was shut down by the University of Mississippi Police Department

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