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COLUMBUS, Miss.  (WCBI) — Manufacturing at Omnova Solutions in Columbus ends Friday.

Sandi Noah, the Vice President of Communications for Omnova, says the Columbus location will be used as a distribution center.

The move is no shock, after officials announced the conversion in December of 2011. Right now, the plant employs 90 employees.

For 50 of those employees, Friday is the final shift.

The remaining employees will work in distribution, with products shipped to the Columbus plant from other Omnova centers in the U.S. and Asia.

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  • George

    There was a time when unions protected the safety of their members. Now OSHA pretty much ensures our work environments are safe. The initial reason for unions is over..it is a shame that the union is what eventually destroyed this business in Columbus. This pains me because I have many happy memories of working at the plant.

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