Video: One Local Man Continues to Give Back to the Community

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) —  One local man has been in the grocery store business for nearly fifty years.

Roy Thompson started helping a friend in the mechanic business back in 1975.

One evening Thompson and his friend were robbed and Thompson friend was shot and killed.

Two weeks later Thompson decided to start his own grocery business and now just recently six years ago following his wife’s

death he know longer owns a store, but he helps out at two local stores in Columbus six days a week and he has always enjoyed his customers.

“I just enjoy my customers. Back in the days we had to appreciate the customers more than we do now because they were hard in between because nobody had any money back fifty years ago. I like to talk. I like to meet folks and I like customers because they kept me in business for all these years,” said Thompson.

Thompson worked for ten straight years without taking a day off and even though Thompson is retired he helps out when needed.

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