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OXFORD, Miss. (WCBI)-While some see guns being a problem throughout the world, other see at as an opportunity to bring more jobs in our area.

Since the early 90’s, gun manufacturing in the United States has rapidly declined, but one gun business in Oxford is trying to change that.

Nathan Yow, President of the Mississippi Auto Arms recently traveled to Brazil with Governor Phil Bryant to jump-start his business. While this deal is good for his company…Yow says Brazil is a hard country to export guns to.

“Because of the Brazilian export regulations…we’re going to take the U.S. Technology there and build them for Brazilian components,” says Nathan Yow.

By the end of the year Mississippi Auto Arms plans to have a manufacturing sight located near Oxford where they will build 80 percent of their own parts and it will bring many jobs to the area.

“Be about 43 jobs just out of Mississippi Auto Arms that we’d be hiring as a result of our growth,” says Yow.

Not only will it create new jobs, but it will also increase the quality of firearms.

“So where as now you take pieces from 20 different guns and make one gun. We’re going to make the pieces specifically for one gun and quality is going to be the same,” says Yow.

The plant will manufacture A-R-15s and AK-Variant semiautomatic rifles which is their own design. These are just a few examples of what has become popular throughout the world.

“People want U.S. Quality. Hollywood a lot of people watch U.S. Movies and as a result they want to buy what they’ve seen in the movies and what they’ve seen U.S. Soldiers carry,” says Yow.

Gun exports have for Mississippi Auto Arms went from less than one percent last year to now eight percent.

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