Oxford School District Announces New Employee Incentive Program

OXFORD, Miss. (PRESS RELEASE) – Today Oxford school officials announce a new employee incentive program—the POWER (Partner Opportunities and Worthwhile Educator Rewards) Program—which gives businesses, the community, and the Oxford School District (OSD) an opportunity to partner together to provide a positive boost for district teachers and school support staff. 
Oxford School District Superintendent Brian Harvey says the overall goal of the POWER Program is to simply say “thank you” in a special way to those who empower and educate students on a daily basis.
The program aims to ignite school-community partnerships and recruit the best educators in the region to teach in Oxford schools, while also retaining existing educators. 
“Our teachers and school support staff inspire our students to achieve success,” said Harvey.
“Daily, they work hard in our school district as a team for one common goal: to give our students the confidence and skills they need to succeed in the classroom and beyond. Without them, a great public education would not happen for the children of our community.”
He added, “We know it takes a strong workforce to deliver a first-class academic experience to our students, and that’s what our community expects of us. In order to deliver our students the best education possible, we must have outstanding teachers and school support staff who can successfully prepare our students for college or a career once they graduate.”
How the POWER Program Works for Businesses
Businesses can participate in the POWER Program, but they must offer a discount or service for Oxford School District employees that is above and beyond what is offered to the general public on a regular basis.
In fact, school officials say businesses must offer an incentive that is specific to district teachers and school support staff with the incentive offered for a year.
There is no fee to participate in the program; however, individual representatives and home-based businesses are not eligible for the POWER Program.
Businesses interested in participating in the program can fill out a POWER Partner Application online at www.oxfordsd.org/POWER.
After required information is submitted, the Oxford School District Communications Office will review the request and notify the business within 14 working days.
Businesses can also submit their POWER Program incentive in writing on their company letterhead and mail their information to: 
Oxford School District
Attention: Communications Office 
224 Bramlett Boulevard
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

All POWER Partner businesses will receive a professionally framed Oxford School District POWER Partner Certificate to display in their business.
The district will recognize participating businesses on the district website at www.oxfordsd.org/POWER in the POWER Partners Directory, through district and school social media platforms, and in the district employee newsletter. 
School officials say they will renew POWER Partner agreements with participating businesses on an annual basis.
How the Program Works for Oxford School District Employees 
Oxford School District employees who can benefit from the POWER Program include: school district teachers, teacher assistants, assistant principals, cafeteria staff, janitorial staff, secretaries, administrative assistants, and Oxford School District Central Office support staff.
Oxford School District Central Office administrators and building-level principals are not eligible to participate in the POWER Program.
In order to benefit from the POWER Program incentives, school district employees must present their Oxford School District employee identification badge to the participating POWER Partner business.
District teachers and school support staff can find a listing of participating businesses and incentives offered in the POWER Partners Directory located at www.oxfordsd.org/POWER
“We know that Oxford is a great place to live, and we want to make it known that our school district is a great place to work and teach,” said Harvey.
“Together through this program, we can provide a positive boost to our teachers, school support staff and community as whole.”
Visit www.oxfordsd.org/POWER for more information on the Oxford School District POWER Program or call (662) 234-3541. 
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