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LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Parents, teachers and community leaders are taking the next step to improve the lives of children in the Louisville Municipal school district by creating a community council group known as P-16.

Committee Member Chet Wilkes the council is designed to bring community involvement into schools. The 29 members of the committee will serve as a liaison between the district and the community.

” We know we can’t do it overnight. But if we stay at it and set good goals, we can achieve a lot of great things in this committee and through our school system here at Louisville,” says Wilkes.

P-16’s are placed in struggling or failing school districts. Council member Elmetra Patterson joined the group hoping to help the next generation.

” I moved here from California about 6 years ago and one of my concerns while attending church is that the children couldn’t reach. So I became involved immediately. It’s very important to me that all children are able to read and achieve,”says Patterson.

Cylesha Hopkins is a teacher and a mother of 3. She believes P-16 will also help bring the community together.

“From a teachers standpoint, everyday I work with children who I believe would be more successful if they had more help at home, but not only in their home, but also in their communities, in their churches in the businesses that are part of Louisville. If everybody came together and were more involved, I believe our children would be more successful,” says Hopkins.

Members want this new council to make an impact, one that will stay with the students of Louisville, long after they graduate.

” The children are our future. Through this committee we take the old slogan, ‘it takes a village to raise a child and one day they are gonna be the ones that are the teachers, business people and it’s very important to give them a good foundation and have that support so they can one day support their own kids and grand kids, says Wilkes.

The first meeting is February 1st. Council members encourage people in the community to attend.


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