Video: Palmer Home Helps Kids Make Unique Mother’s Day Gift

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — Many believe a gift means more when it comes from the heart. That’s why children’s Palmer Home in Columbus is helping dads and their kids create an organic present for Mother’s Day.

Dads and their kids build a one of a kind Mother’s Day present as a way to say thank you.

Katherine and her dad, Brad Fleming wanted this year’s Mother’s Day present to come from the heart.

“We took this opportunity this morning to come out here and let her make a plant for mom just as a token of her love for mom and something she actually did instead of just going to the store and buying something,” says Brad Fleming.

Each flower is hand selected by the kids. After that the dirty work begins.

“I got to pick out flowers. Pot them. Wiggle the dirt and put them in the hole. I’m excited,” says Roo Roo Clark.

Jason Clark brought his four year old daughter to children’s Palmer Home in Columbus to create a personal gift and also learn about flowers.

“She gets to play in the dirt and actually learn you know pick out the flowers and learn how to pot it and plant it and I think that is something our younger generation has lost unlike our grandparents,” says Jason Clark.

Greenhouse grower, Mary Tuggle got the idea while on vacation.

“I had been out of town at an event where they had done the daddy-daughter for mother’s day weekend and it was cute. The little children just loved it so we decided to open one here to do the same thing,” says Mary Tuggle.

Tuggle hopes this event will encourage kids to get involved with plant growth.

“We’re trying to reach them so as they become young adults they understand the concept of from seed to roots to cutting to potting to eating,” says Tuggle.

As mothers across the area received their personalized flowers, they’ll know their families appreciation will continue to grow after the holiday.

Palmer Home also went to schools earlier this week where more students created Mother’s Day presents.


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