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JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – Parallel bills in the House and Senate would give more than $6,000 in state money to the parent of any special education student who wanted to withdraw their child from their local public school district.

Supporters say too many public school districts are doing a poor job educating special education students, and parents need options including private school or home tutoring.

Opponents, though, are wary that vouchers could weaken public school systems and be an opening wedge for a statewide voucher program.

The House and Senate education committees both passed bills supporting the plan Tuesday. Senate Bill 2325 still requires additional action by the Senate Appropriations Committee before the end of the day Tuesday, but Senate staffers say the committee will meet to consider it.


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  • K.C.Raper

    Finally some options!The teachers tell me my 9 year old child will never be academically equal to children his age.He is getting some kind of special instruction,but he will never be able to get more than a GED even if he stays in school for the twelve years.However no one will assist me in having him declared as having a disability.Maybe taking him out of school can help find something he can learn that will help prepare him for earning a living.

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