Video: Parks And Rec Future Decided Tuesday

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) — In their regularly scheduled board meeting Tuesday, the Starkville Board of Alderman will vote on the future of the city’s Parks and Recreation Department.

The board will vote whether or not to approve the parks comprehensive plan, which details the improvements, changes, and additions to Starkville parks over the next decade.

“The plan is very good about giving us a road map to make sure all the housekeeping is done thoroughly before we start building on that strong foundation to improve our parks for the next decade”, said Mayor Parker Wiseman.

The plan has been in development for around a year, with private consultants gauging the public’s opinion on their parks with forums and an online survey.

“We’re ultimately building a plan for the city at large…”, said Wiseman, “…this is the public’s plan for the future of our parks system, so we want it to be driven by public opinion.”

While the plan would detail the future of the parks, some immediate impacts would be making Starkville parks more accessible for people with disabilities as well as hiring a new maintenance director.

Wiseman said the maintenance director hiring would be the largest financial expenditure in phase one of the plan, but after twelve to eighteen months, the board will create a five-year capital improvements plan.

Wiseman said by the eighteen month point, he expects the city to be ready to decide where to devote major financial investments in park maintenance.

“I’m a firm believer that there is no community that stays the same”, said Wiseman.

“You’re either improving or declining as a community.”

Parks Director Herman Peters believes the board will pass the plan, and that, “the people can come and say, “oh, wow!” instead of just the swings, we have new jumper gyms. Instead of just the softball complex, we have a soccer complex, a softball complex, and a baseball complex.

“It’s time [for the change]. We’re to that point.”

Peters is looking forward to hiring a maintenance director to help take over some extra duties.

Peters also said he’s hoping the board approves the plan to help begin the American with Disabilities Act transition to give people with disabilities the chance to enjoy the parks system.

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