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SHANNON, Miss. (WCBI)-Shannon Alderman have blocked the reopening of a popular Shannon bar. Memphis business owner and former owner of O’ Hara’s, 55 year-old P.J. Newton says she had everything ready to reopen O’Hara’s except for her special exception permit. The board voted 4-1 June 4 to deny a special exception. Alderman say residents showed up to the meeting with 200 signatures against the reopening of the bar. Newton says the bar will cater to the gay community. Newton plans to appeal the denial of her special exception.

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  • Russell

    There has been a gay bar in Shanon before, which was there for many years. Are the alderman there wanting to take Mississippi back several decades?? Let’s be real ok folks. Gay people are our family members, co-workers, etc. Allow the bar!!!!! HATE HAS NEVER BEEN A FAMILY VALUE.

  • PJ Newton Oharas Owner

    Feel free to contact me in support .
    Attorneys welcome to respond.

  • Angela Johnson

    I just wish others would let people be who they are. It is not for us to judge anyone, and if they have the finances and are respectful to the community, why not? Come on folks, it’s 2013!!!! Equal Opportunity for EVERYONE!!!!

  • Ed

    I support the aldermen, I don’t want a gay (queer) bar in or around me. Period. If the locals don’t want you, I support that.
    I don’t support gays, gay rights, same sex marriage or anything UN-Natural !!!!!!!

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