Protecting Your Belongings From Looters


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- After a deadly tornado struck Columbus nearly three weeks ago, residents are having to rebuild and pick up the pieces.

On top of that, they’re now having to protect their belongings from looters.

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So far, looting has been reported on multiple occasions since the twister struck the Friendly City.

Ward 5 Councilman Stephen Jones said there’s been two incidents in his ward where the alleged crime occurred.

On the the night the tornado touched down, Jones said a home on 14th Street was was broken into.

Just last week, the councilman said an apartment complex on 15th Street was also broken into.

The thought of looters preying on those impacted by the storm is alarming for many residents in the area.

However, Jones said there are a few things homeowners can do to protect themselves.

“Those are the lowest of the lowest,” Jones expressed. “If they can take advantage of people right now in the situation that they’re in, then they deserve whatever comes their way. This is where your neighbors, if you’re not going to be in your home make sure that your neighbors know that you’re not in the home so that they can keep an eye out at your house, and also if you’re not going to be there call the police and let them know so they can put it on their route to drive by it.”

If you see someone going in and taking something from a home that you know isn’t there’s, you’re urged to call police.