Raising Children’s Awareness About Safety


LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-When an emergency situation calls. It’s important to know how to react and respond appropriately

We never know when mother nature is going to strike, and for these young ones, being put into a crisis situation may rarely cross their minds.

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“They’re innocent and aren’t aware,” said Bettie Glass, chairperson of for the Pilot Club of Lousville.

That’s why the pilot club of Louisville hosted its 2nd annual Safety Town to do just that, educate them, and help kids become aware about their safety.

“It’s very important to raise they’re awareness, that way when they’re confronted with a situation, they’ll know how to handle it,” said deputy fire coordinator Jody Garrard.

And to help them know how to handle it, first responders such as.

“The police department, fire department, the ambulance,” said Glass.

Talked with kids about the different dangers out there and the precautions to take to help raise their safety awareness.

“They got to witness first hand from the Mississippi Highway Patrolman the safety of wearing their seat belts,” said Garrard.

And getting safety tips from the local police officers seemed to be everyone’s favorite.

“The police department taught them safety about strangers, not to approach strangers, staying away from them, same thing with the marshall arts, they taught them some things they could do to get away from a stranger,” said Garrard.

The kids also had a chance to interact and connect with the local law enforcement agencies in their area.

However organizers said the ultimate goal of safety town is to teach kids something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

“Think about this, the sheriff and all the emergency personnel, and the kids are learning from them how to think differently and showing them how to handle themselves in certain situations, it’s a good good thing,” said Glass.


This is the second year the Pilot Club of Louisville has hosted the event, over 500 people came out to participate.