Checkers and Rally’s restaurant latest example of commercial building boom

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – Commercial construction is on the upswing across Northeast Mississippi. The strong economy, coupled with a dependable workforce is attracting a variety of businesses.

As finishing touches have been taking place outside, inside, employees are training, making sure they’re ready for the “Checkers and Rally’s” grand opening.

“Tupelo is a very untapped market, the closest Rallys Checkers is probably Memphis Tennessee,” said Sedrick Turner, who is the franchisee for the Checkers and Rally’s on South Gloster.

This restaurant is a new, 4.0 modular design. The restaurant is prefabricated and was brought here in four parts, then put together on site.

“They set it in place, you’re up and running, quick turn around,” said Turner.

Turner and his father have been in the restaurant business for more than 30 years and they wanted to find a location where there is high demand, customers are loyal, and they also want to invest in the community.

“Families here really support you, other big cities they tend to want to stray out to other brands, which is fine, but once they know you’re here, you come into town, and two is the most important thing is giving back, we are going to adopt some schools and do some things for the community as well,” said Turner.

The Checkers and Rally’s restaurant is the latest example of what has been a building boom in the area.

Chamber of Commerce officials said more businesses are looking at this area because success breeds success.

“A lot of areas throughout Tupelo have grown, I think it’s just because of the businesses that have succeeded here and we have a lot of workers that want to work here, they drive in from other parts of North Mississippi,” said Judd Wilson of the Chamber of Commerce.

The Checkers and Rally’s restaurant will open August 20.

It will employ about 30 workers.

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