After Receiving Two Pay Cuts, Mayor Asks Board To Fully Fund Salary


ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI)- After having his salary cut twice within a year, Aberdeen Mayor Maurice Howard is now requesting board members fully fund his salary.

During Tuesday’s Board of Aldermen meeting, Howard accused the board of illegally cutting his salary.

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According to Howard, the board took the action without any policies in place allowing them to do so.

The board slashed the mayor’s salary by roughly $25,000 just over a year ago.

Ward 2 Alderman Doug Stone said the board did have the legal right to do so, citing Howard wasn’t fulfilling his duties as mayor.

On Tuesday, Howard made a recommendation to be reimbursed back pay along with his full salary.

However, board members took no action on the matter.

“As the mayor of a municipality I have the right to make any recommendations that I so choose,” said Mayor Howard. “All I did was make a recommendation. My recommendation was that the board gave me my salary back, and I said in my recommendation let the record show that the silence of the board of aldermen counts as a no vote, and so they were afraid of that and they decided to pretty much run away from it.”

“That’s not true, also he said that no response is a no vote, that’s also not true,” said Alderman Stone. “If we did not make a motion and a second and vote on it, it’s not part of the minutes.”

Along with cutting his salary a year ago, the board also voted for the mayor to return his city issued vehicle and gas card.