Redeveloping The Old Kerr McGee Site


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- It’s been nearly two decades since contamination was detected at the Kerr McGee creosote facility on Columbus’s North side.

Fast forward to today, plans are moving forward for redeveloping that site.

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Members with the Greenfield Environmental Multi-State Trust have come up with three potential layouts for the area.

On Tuesday, residents from the neighborhood and members of the public viewed the proposals and had a chance to offer feedback

Of the three concepts, one concept consists of active and passive open spaces for things like gardens and horticultural uses.

The second one is geared towards a mixed-use neighborhood center, and would feature a multi-purpose center for people of all ages.

The third scenario features employment type usage where industries can come in and set up.

The Greenfield Environmental Multi-State Trust will gather all of the input from Tuesday’s session, see which concept residents expressed the most interest in, then make their decision.

“We have a concern for people who were hurt by the contamination ” said Reverend James Samuel, shareholder. “We’re fighting to help them recover by redeveloping this area and bringing in some physical entities that will not only increase property value, but change these peoples lives, and try to bring in some tax dollars, try to bring in some job performance functions.”

“The Greenfield Environmental Trust wants to create a redevelopment plan that is reflective of the wishes and desires of the community as much as is feasible, given market constraints and very similar environmental factors,” said Bob Barber, with Orion Planning Design. “In order to understand that, of course we have to have input and feedback into the process. We’ve had that on multiple occasions prior to this set of sessions, but this is another step in the process, and these availability sessions to further refine the concepts as we go forward.”

The Greenfield Environmental Trust hopes to have a concept selected by the beginning of 2020.

If you didn’t have time to come out to any of Tuesday’s availability sessions, there will be another one Wednesday morning from 9 until 11.

It’ll take place at the Multi-State Trust’s Community Resource Building which is located just off of 14th Avenue Columbus’s North side.