Remembering the life of Lt. Scot Ames, Jr.


CAFB, Miss (WCBI) – The family of Lt. Scot Ames, Jr. is one step closer to taking him home to Indiana.

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Ames died Friday when the plane he was in crashed near Montgomery. The 24-year-old was a first assignment instructor pilot from Columbus Air Force Base.

The student pilot, a member of the Japanese Air Force, also died in the crash.

A remembrance service for both pilots is scheduled for Thursday afternoon at CAFB.

The flags lining the drive to Ames’ home were placed by his FAIP team (fellow pilot instructors) from CAFB.

Scot and his wife Audra were newlyweds.

And she says she wants people to know her husband was dedicated and committed to his job and his students.

“I just want everyone to know that he was so dedicated to them, and he wanted everyone to do the best that they could in flying and he was always so motivating,” said Audra. “And I’m sure that they would tell everybody that you know he was the guy that he would come into the squadron and he would try to brighten the day and, you know, try to, he always told me you know there’s always something to be thankful for. And I know that’s who he was to them.”

“They’re all so safe. They’re all so safe and I know you know everyone’s wondering what happened. And we’re wondering the same thing, but it was just a catastrophic accident, and everyone that’s up in the air that you hear loves their job, and they’re doing their absolute best to always be safe and they’re a big part of this community. And I know they’re all happy to be surrounded by everyone in Columbus,” said Audra.

Audra Ames shares her story with WCBI Sunrise anchor and pilot wife Tara Wheeler Thursday morning on Sunrise.

And then Friday morning on Sunrise, Ginger Ames, Scot’s mother talks about the son who knew he wanted to fly from an early age.

Friends of Scot and Audra have set up a Go Fund Me account online.

The name of the account is “support for the family of Scot Ames.”