Residents get creative dealing with flood aftermath

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Floodwaters are beginning to recede in Lowndes County, but it’s not fast enough for many residents.

Many are having to get creative to find ways in and out of their neighborhoods.

Sink or swim. That’s what residents in Lowndes County say when dealing with in the aftermath of the floods.

Mother nature is really pouring it on in North Mississippi.

A sinkhole appeared on Plymouth Road in Lowndes County, leaving residents like Kelly Parrigin, to find new ways in and out.

“We had to walk out and I had walk through water in front of Plymouth Baptist Church just to get to this main road and I’m going to have to walk home and back, until they can get the road fixed. Almost immediately the road caved in so people that wanted to get their vehicles could not,” said Parrigin.

Due to the sinkhole, one elderly resident says she hasn’t been able to get her medical deliveries. But that’s not the only area underwater.

Residents on Spurlock Road and further down are relying on boats to stay afloat.

“There’s no way to get into our neighborhood is pretty much landlocked from water so we got some neighbors that need some supplies and stuff,” said Flye.

They have to fit food, water, and whatever else can fit. Most have family or friends helping them ship their supplies in.

And some are also out providing moral support to their friends letting them know they’re not forgotten.

“Just trying to see what we can do to lend a helping hand, you know, not only to the people inside inside the city limits but the people that are in the county area that’s affected by the waters also,” said Walker.

Residents are keeping a close eye on the waters, waiting for the roads to clear.

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