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HAMILTON, Miss. (WCBI)-Throughout life there are many obstacles to overcome. Having the support of family and friends can help you get you through the rough patches, but what about having your entire community behind you?

On October 16th Jeremiah and Whitney Blackston welcomed a baby girl, Emerson LaClaire into the world. A day of celebration quickly turned into a day of panic. Doctor’s immediately noticed life threatening birth defects and Baby Emerson was then flown to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson where Emerson and her parents have been waiting for answers.

“She was born with a multiple birth defects some being on the face and stuff which was blocking her air way. So she has had to have a trachea so she could breathe on her own. She is deaf and blind, but like I said we still have no diagnosis to even know where to start,” says Toni Ferraro.

Renee Armstreet and her husband have organized rodeos and trail ride benefits for other Hamilton residents battling cancer. When they were asked to help out with Baby Emerson, they decided to do something a little different.

“Baby Emerson was born with defects so we made this one, more kid oriented. This time we are riding bicycles and pulling wagons,” says Renee Armstreet.

Over $27,000 was raised for Angela Holloway back in May to help with her doctor bills. She says it’s a blessing to give back to those who have helped her.

“I absolutely want to give back everything that they gave to me and It’s just so rewarding to be able to be a part of something that’s going to help somebody,” says Holloway.

Residents of Hamilton say the support the community shows for those in need is what the town is all about.

“Hamilton comes together for all the events. They have a really big heart when it comes to anybody it doesn’t matter. If you are part of the community they come together and they help you,” says Armstreet.

“It’s very touching. It is touching. You know you live in a small town and everybody knows everybody, but when you need them, they are them,” says Ferraro.

Homemade chili, hot dogs, and desserts were sold to help raise funds. $8,500 was raised at Saturday’s event.

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