Video: Riding Out the Storm in Shuqualak

[bitsontherun Yx96jKO4]

SHUQUALAK, Miss. (WCBI) — Noxubee County residents ride out a tornado as their cars and mobile homes are tossed across roads and fields.

The funnel swept out of the southwest at about noon and cut a path west and north of Shuqualak. While some residents were trapped in their homes, others were caught on the road, riding out the tornado even as it tried to lift their cars and trucks off the road.

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“It was terrible, it was really terrible because it’s the first time this had ever happened to me,” said Shabreka Patterson. “When my sister called me and told me to stay where I was, it happened right then. As soon as she called me, all my windows busted out of the truck, my car went up in the air, we just all hugged each other in the truck and all of were scared. And when it went by, all of us just jumped out the truck and ran and got into the trees and woods.

“When she called me and told me, I seen it coming then, all the trees were just coming down. I thought the tree was going to fall on the truck but it didn’t. It was blowing in the opposite direction and the truck was about to get blwon away.”

Initial reports show at least two dozen homes and two businesses either destroyed or damaged.