Ripley Senior Citizen Is Bringing Secret Recipe For Caramel Spread To The Public


RIPLEY, MISS. (WCBI) – A Ripley senior citizen is proof that age is no factor when it comes to starting a new business.

Mae Rean Godwin was 15 when her mom taught her how to make caramel icing.

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“I made it several times, had to throw it away, I said, I’m going to make it, it’s my mom’s and I’m going to get this recipe,” Godwin said.

Through the years Mae Rean perfected the recipe, to make sure it spread better on her cakes, which she made for family, friends, and church functions, in the Ripley area.

“I went to bed one night, and I kept saying, ‘Lord, what can I do to keep my cake from tearing up, it came to me and this is my secret recipe,” she said.

The caramel concoction was always a big hit, and some people even suggested she sell the tasty treat. Mae Rean didn’t give it much thought, until her son, Travis, met some business people who were eager to help make, market, and sell his mother’s secret recipe. Mae Rean’s premium caramel spreads are manufactured in New Orleans, Travis brings cases of the caramel spread to Ripley, and sells out quickly.

“We are doing trial test phases now, once I bring them up here on a Friday, Saturday, it’s gone by Monday, so it’s awesome to see that,” Travis said.

There are three flavors of Mae Rean’s Premium Caramel, original , maple and birthday cake.

On every jar of caramel spread, there’s a story about Mae Rean and her family. On the birthday cake, it talks about her family, she has 42 grandkids and 39 great-grandkids, but the best thing is what’s in the jar.

Mae Rean is looking forward to hearing from others who enjoy the caramel spread and for the 88-year-old matriarch, this new business venture is not only about sharing a family recipe with the public, but it’s also about leaving a legacy for her family.

“I had been wondering, years back, I said, “Lord, I got all these children, going to leave them, and not leaving them anything, and then the Lord blessed me with this, it’s a long the story and I really can’t tell it all, but I’m just thankful,” she said.

Mae Rean’s caramel spread will soon be in select stores throughout Mississippi, and it will be available online at the Godwin Foods website.

Mae Rean will be a guest on an upcoming Sunrise Saturday, hosted by Allie. For information about how to order her caramel spreads, go to