Hair stylists react to continued closure of barbershops and hair salons

While the state of Mississippi moved forward with plans to reopen restaurants dinning and parks by the end of the week, salons and barbershops remained closed.

Many expressed they’re ready to open, but as of now, there’s no word on when they will be able to open.

Inside Shade’s N’ Company Hair and Nail Salon in Columbus, clippers are no longer buzzing, nail polish remains untouched, and chairs continue to sit empty as workers waited for announcement on when they can re-open.

“It’s been pretty tough, said Victoria Dawkins, nail tech at the salon. “Just because we’re not working and we’re not opening, that doesn’t mean our bills stop.”

The salon has been closed for more than a month.

“If we don’t work, we don’t get paid,” Dawkins expressed.

Dawkins said she never imagined they’d be out of work for this long.

“I have three kids I have to take care of, and these past six weeks, nothing, because the unemployment stuff is hard to get if you are self-employed,” she said.

Dawkins believes salons can and should be allowed to resume business as normal, as long as they’re implementing safety measures.

Her plan would include having no more than three clients inside at one time, workers washing their hands before and after dealing with each customer, and chairs would be cleaned and disinfected, along with other supplies they use.

“We’re held at a higher standard anyways when it comes to sanitation rules and regulations,” said Dawkins. “I feel like, not that we are more sanitized than other people, but it just feels like he’s (the governor) not giving us a chance to get back out there like everybody else.”

However, for Tammy Carlisle, who owns Minerva Gallery and Salon in Starkville, the biggest challenge she saw was not being able to practice social distancing.

“You cannot get a haircut from six feet away obviously, it’s just not possible,” said Carlisle. “It’s 50-50, you’re sort of damned if you do, and damned if you don’t.”

Now, Carlisle has been contemplating a big decision.

“Trying to decide whether or not to stay closed or reopen,” she said.

Carlisle said wants to re-open but she also wants to do so in a safe manner while following all guidelines given by the Centers for Disease Control.

“A lot of people are making it about money or health and I just don’t think it’s that cut and dry,” Carlisle explained. “I want to know more about the numbers. I want to wait and see what the data says, I want to listen to the scientists and see what they are sharing with the world about precautions.”

Governor Tate Reeves has announced he planned to reopen the state in phases.

Barber shops and salons will re-open in phase four. Mississippi has just entered into phase two.

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