VIDEO: Scholars Bowl Team Poised For Big Competitive Season

FULTON, Miss. (WCBI) – An academic team at one high school in our region is preparing for a competitive season.

Members of the Itawamba Agricultural High School Scholar’s bowl have been practicing for regional and national contests.

The teams are quizzed on subjects ranging from literature, history, math, science and other fields.

Competitions take place in a game show format with teams of students trying to be first with the correct answer.

Most of the veterans of the IAHS scholar bowl teams have been involved since middle school.

“To see now that we can go anywhere in the south, anywhere in the nation and compete against schools who have a long standing tradition, budgets we can’t even approach, to see we can sit down against them and these kids can hold their own,” said Coach Chris Johnson.

The IAHS Scholars bowl team will head to National competitions this spring.

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