VIDEO: School Time Shots

By: Salena Schaffer


School is just around the corner! For some counties it’s as little as one week away!

Germs are the first thing to be shared once school starts back.

Dr. Keith Watson has some key tips for the children and their families to stay healthy this upcoming year.


“Once school starts and the children are in rooms together and germs are being passed, hand washing is still the single best effective way to prevent anything… Make sure kids wash their hands after they go to the bathroom, make sure they wash their hands after they eat, make sure they wash their hands after they go outside and play. if your child is sick and has a runny nose or cold don’t send them to school to spread it to everyone else, but tell the doctor that he is sick so that the doctor can at least check them and make sure they’re not contagious.” said Watson.

Parents also want to remember that certain grades require certain vaccinations and physicals upon entering.

“If your child is going to be entering school for the first time, kindergarten, they will need school shots and if your child is going to be going into the seventh grade they will need a tetanus booster.” said Watson.

As for scheduling their appointments, Dr. Watson wants to remind parents sooner is better than later.

For a full list of required vaccinations for your child, you can call your local physician.



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