Several Thousand Dollars Worth Of Building Supplies Stolen From A School Construction Site


CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – A large amount of building supplies are missing from a school construction site in Chickasaw County.

The sheriff says the stolen property is worth more than $5,000 dollars.

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Lumber, plywood, and a kerosene heater.

These are the types of items taken this past week from the Houlka Attendance Center construction site.

Now, the sheriff’s department is needing the public’s help to track down the suspects.

On Monday, the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Department got a call from Burton Builders about missing building materials at this construction site.

“They had a bunch of lumber come up missing, so we sent some investigators up there, and it looked like we had a pretty good load of 2 by 4’s, 2 by 6’s, and a load of plywood stolen,” says Sheriff James Meyers.

A pretty good load, meaning thieves stole almost 100 different types of lumber and 92 sheets of plywood.

It was taken from the soon to be completed Houlka Attendance Center.

The new building has been in the works for nearly three years, since a 2015 fire destroyed the school.

“They finally went through all of the red tape to get the building process started and it’s a great thing for the Houlka community, and then you know, somebody goes in there and steals a bunch of materials.”

Meyers says he believes it happened over the weekend and says the items had to be carried out on a trailer.

“We feel like somebody stole it to resale or to use, so we’re needing the public’s help on this. I mean, somebody knows something about it, and like I said, the plywood would really stick out because it’s got a pink color to it because it’s fireproof, so you just don’t see that type of plywood every day.”

Principal Anthony Golding says contractors have gone through extra measures to make the area more secure.

These signs now outline the site.

“The contractors we use have the insurance, so ultimately, everything that was taken will not affect the school district in anyway. We are not going to have to pay anything for the stolen goods.”

Golding says although they were saddened by the news, they still plan on a summer move-in date.

“This does not delay anything in the school building process and it does definitely not take away our joy from having the brand new building that we’ve worked so hard to get, and it’s unfortunate that stuff like this happens, but ultimately Houlka Attendance and Houlka will be fine.”

Meyers says this felony investigation is ongoing.

If you see anything suspicious or have information, call the sheriff’s department or CrimeStoppers.