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Reported by: Allie Martin

ITAWAMBA CO., Miss. – (WCBI)An inmate is killed at the Central Mississippi Correctional Facility and the suspect is from our region.

On Sunday evening, Clifton Majors was beaten to death by an inmate identified as Tyler Smith. Smith admitted to beating Majors and said he feared for his safety.

Smith is well known to local law enforcement. Itawamba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson answered several domestic violence calls involving Smith. In one instance, Smith was beating up his mother.

Sheriff Dickinson says Smith had a troubled past.

“The issue with Tyler, it’s a sad situation but he does know right from wrong and every time we would show up on the scene or when he would be in jail if he would act out we would rectify the situation and he would always calm down cause as I said he knew right from wrong,” says Sheriff Dickinson.

Smith was serving a two year sentence for two counts of Grand Larceny from Itawamba County.

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  • Justin Smith

    To start this is one crazy thing that happened and it isnt my fault so dont come after me. Im sorry it happened God Bless all. But im here to say that the Sheriff doesn’t know much about my brother.. my brother never touched my mom. there was lots of fights ( Yelling no hitting) and if there was hitting it was between me and him or something like that. NEVER MY MOTHER!!!! That is a false statement and i would like for you to get this stuff right and not just throw stuff out there to make it look worse on him. By the way this was self defense. We got a call about it the day or day after it happened. it was on camera. So please get this stuff right. and stop making him look worse. What happened was bad but I cant do anything about it. Im sorry for the family of Clifton Majors God Bless you. and God Bless all!

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