Sisters living in Mississippi meet for the first time


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- In news good for Mississippi, it’s a family reunion years in the making.

A pair of sisters that live hours apart meet each other for the first time Tuesday.

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Diana Tate and Timber Heard are half sisters and have the same father.

Timber never knew her father and was adopted at a young age.

Timber’s a student at Ole Miss and an Aunt in Washington, D.C. learned Diana lived in Mississippi and got the two connected.

Thanks to social media the two have been able to connect and finally meet in person.

“Super long story, I only knew my mom. I flew to see her when I was 11. I don’t think Diana knew that, but I met her and so you know, now 16 years later, here I am meeting my dads folks, so it’s kind of weird. It’s weird,” said Heard.

Diana is thrilled to have finally met another one of her siblings.

“I’m so excited and feeling wonderful. I want to meet the rest of my brothers and sisters, cause I’m the oldest and there’s 6 more of us,” said Tate.

Back in 2010 R.H. Brown reported when Diana met her father. Sadly eight months after that meeting he passed away.

Diana and Timber say they’ll be making up for lost time.