Six-week joint law enforcement initiative ends with over 100 arrests


GOLDEN TRIANGLE, Miss. (WCBI) – 149 arrests, $65,820 worth of narcotics and narcotic related proceeds seized, and 155 registered sex offenders checked for compliance.

Operations Triple Beam happens across the country, but this is one of the first times it’s happened in the GTR.

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It all began on July 15. An operation led by the US Marshals kicked off its six-week journey in the Golden triangle with the hope of reducing crime.

“We basically go after the worst of the worst. So the people that are breaking into people’s houses, Our trigger pullers, our gang members or gang leaders, our shot callers, those the people that were going after the most violent criminals,” said Mike Quarles.

But the over one hundred arrests didn’t happen overnight.

“What you didn’t see was the planning stage of it. That goes on for months. What they’re doing is they’re getting the information from the local police departments, the local sheriff’s departments, the probation officers to identify and target those worst offenders,” said Chad Lamar.

Multiple law enforcement agencies from the federal, state and local levels joined forces.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott said an operation of this size wouldn’t be possible without the extra hands.

“Early in my career, I learned the federals; we need to work with them, and trying to protect our community, they have resources that they can offer us. And by working together, I think we’ve done a good job making our communities safer,” said Scott.

Even though the operation is officially over, there is still work to be done.

“Information that we learned from this, you know, it’ll be ongoing even though the operation officially ends today. information that we gathered our investigators, and I’ll continue working on these on these criminals,” said Scott.

“Since it was an intelligence-based operation, there’s a lot of data that we have to work through. So we’re not done. There’s a lot more work to be done a lot more investigations that are still ongoing. So even though we had 149 arrests, I think you’re going to see many more than that In the days to come,” said Quarles.