Sportsman Bonanza

By: Chad Groening

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI)- The Tupelo Furniture Market was buzzing with activity today.

There was a flea market as well as the Sportsman Bonanza of which WCBI was a sponsor.

Inside was a gun and knife show. And outside a very special group of ladies were raising money for a worthy cause.

The Wives of Warriors is a Tupelo based non-profit organization that raises money for the purchase of body armor for officers who can’t afford them, or their departments can’t afford them.

“All are Wives of Warriors what our name says, we are all married to cops we are all married to police officers and their safety is utmost importance to us. We want them to come home safe to us and body armor is the best way we know to do it.” said Izalda Anderson.

Anderson says the group will have another big fundraiser on September 24th at Tupelo’s Fair Park with a Law Enforcement Appreciation and Remembrance 5K.

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