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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)-The idea of your child going missing is every parent’s worst nightmare, but there are ways to ensure a faster process if  it happens. We take a look at what some parents are doing to keep their children safe.

The first 24 hours are crucial when a person goes missing. That’s why the Starkville Police Department is teaming up with the Starkville Walmart to offer free fingerprinting, DNA, photos and mouth swabs for children.

“Like the Natalie Holloway you know kids coming up missing, it’s just a safety precaution,” says SGT Laura Hines Roberson.

By having your child’s DNA and fingerprints in the system it could speed up the process if your child ever goes missing.

“The quicker we can get that picture and that DNA and fingerprints out there to be able to identify the child the more we can get out to other agencies,” says SGT Roberson.

Clyde Welch, a father of two says it’s a precaution every parent should take when thinking of their children’s safety.

“Because of all the crime going on and kidnapping you never know if some body’s going to take your child. It’s a good way to find them,” says Clyde Welch.

Sargent Roberson says having their children’s information in the system can offer a peace of mind.

“It’s kind of a scary thought for parents, but it’s a security blanket that they know that the information is there to be able to find their child,” says SGT Roberson.

The DNA can last up to 80 years; which can be used throughout your life in case of an emergency.

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