Starkville Remembers 9/11

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STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Dozens of community members in Starkville came out this afternoon at Fire Station One to honor American soldiers and first responders of 9/11.

The National Day of Service and Remembrance Ceremony started out with the the national anthem and a prayer.

Program Coordinator Meggan Franks remembers what it was like back in 2001.

“It brings people together, it helps people remember there’s people that were really impacted by 9/11 and then also those that serve everyday. One comment that was made is often we don’t get these volunteers kinds connected with these first responders and so just them kinda working togetehr and sharing stories, I think is a great thing,” says Meggan Franks.

The ceremony started around 5:30pm and was open to the public. Starkville Mayor Parker Wiseman read the 9/11 proclamation as part of the tribute ceremony.

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