Starkville shows appreciation to teachers and staff

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- School districts across the country annually spend a week during the school year celebrating teachers and staff. The Starkville and Oktibbeha School District is providing special treats and activities for its staff this week to show appreciation. The process of teaching got a little harder due to the pandemic, but teachers have found a way to still get the job done.

“For the virtual teachers and students, they were coming into education a whole new way. It branched a way of learning and a new way of learning so that was definitely a big transition for everybody trying to figure out how are we going to accommodate the students and the gaps that have been created because of the pandemic,” said Sudduth Elementary first grade teacher Karis Cobb.

“With virtual, we had 10 classes of virtual learners when we first started school at the beginning of the year now we’re down to 4 classes of virtual learners,” said Sudduth Elementary principal Morgan Abraham.

Abraham said planning and implementing safety measures was a top priority this year and her teachers have been doing what it takes to have a safe learning environment for their students.

“All the hand sanitizing, and the desk sanitizing, and the wiping and you know just the preparation time that it takes for materials even when we can’t share materials in the classroom so the teachers have really embraced that even though it’s been hard,” said Abraham.

That’s why administrators and parents are more eager than ever to show their appreciation to the teachers and staff for their hard work and sacrifice.

“When we say teachers we don’t just mean those certified teachers that are in the classroom we mean everybody working in the school.. without the whole team we couldn’t do what we do here at Sudduth,” said Abraham.

“Having a full week that’s dedicated to us and just being able to see that our community and our parents appreciate us means so much to all of the teachers,” said Cobb.

At Partnership Middle School, 6th-grade English teacher Adrienne Minor said she dealt with challenges during the pandemic, but saw that her students thrived to be in the classroom.

“That drive that some students are coming with will continue. They see how important this is they see how important it is for their lives and what they can do with their education and I’m hoping that will continue,” said Minor.

Minor said that people may not see all they do in and out of the classrooms, but their efforts shouldn’t go unnoticed

“Just saying thank you and just for people to recognize what we are doing and how we are trying to affect our kid,” said Minor.

Teachers and staff will be celebrated all week in Starkville and students’ parents along with the community are encouraged to reach out to a teacher and tell them good job.

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