Starkville students of all ages make the most of snow day fun

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – At least in Starkville, Mississippi looked like a winter wonderland Monday morning.

And kids all over the city made sure they got to enjoy it all before it melted away.

“Just having as much fun as we can,” said 14-year-old Jack Bourgeois. “We don’t get snow much around here. It’s Mississippi after all.”

Some youngsters were seeing snow for the very first time while others got to see it for the first time in years.

“My dad came down and he said ‘Look outside. Guess what?’” said Jack’s 13-year-old brother Peter. “And I look outside and I see a bunch of snow.”

With Starkville schools out, kids of all ages woke up to a day full of opportunities for snow-filled fun.

“Before they got here I was collecting an arsenal of snow balls to throw at them when I ambushed them in my backyard,” said 15-year-old Jules Gallo, who was in multiple snow ball fights with Jack and Peter during the morning.

Snowball fights and snowmen building were taking place all over Starkville as flakes kept falling all morning and even into the afternoon. Classes were still in session at Mississippi State but the campus was still the most popular spot for snow-related fun.

“We went to campus cause we knew there were going to be fields of snow,” Peter said. “And then when we got there we made a huge snowman with some college kids.”

MSU students say some of their classmates were out playing in the snow as early as 8:30 in the morning.

“Tried sledding. It didn’t work. Had a little snowball fight, the easiest thing to do,” said MSU student Jackson Runnels.

“Just kicking it with the boys and Clyde, here,” added fellow student Boyd Berhow.

Clyde is the name of their giant snowman who’s signature look was inspired by Burt Reynolds. The students said it took them about an hour to put him all together.

“Saw the snow, why not make a snow man?” asked Berhow.

“Saw a lot of people out here doing the same thing but this is the best one for sure,” Runnels said.

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