Starkville will no longer have a recycling program due to cost


STARKVILLE, MISS. (WCBI) The recycling program in Starkville is bagged by the Board of Alderman.

The cost to recycle has gone up. So the aldermen voted to suspend the program.

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The board has been evaluating the program ever since the value of recycled materials dropped.

The city collected material for recycling, but they had to pay another company to take it to the next step.

And it turns out, it cost more to send the materials off than they are actually worth.

Mayor Lynn Spruill says the decision is a practical one.

“The company that was picking them up, raised the fees on for this coming fiscal year. And so we decided that it was not cost effective and there are better options out there for us,” said Mayor Spruill. “If we were not actually getting things recycled, it doesn’t make sense to spend the money.”

The city may consider a partnership with MSU to bring the campus recycling program to the Starkville eventually.