Staying In The Know When Severe Weather Strikes

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – If you live in Northeast Mississippi you’re no stranger to severe and sometimes dangerous weather.

That’s why it’s so important to be in the know when it hits.

“Sometimes these storms may be on your door step, before you know it and you need to just be able to dart away to your storm shelter, you’re basement some place safe,” said WCBI Chief Meteorologist Keith Gibson.

Getting to safety requires time.

Chickasaw County EMA Director Linda Griffin says the only way to get that is to get notified.

“The severe weather we’re anticipating in Chickasaw County this weekend is going to be in the middle of the night when most people are sleep. That’s where code red comes in to be very beneficial. It only calls you if we’re under a warning. It calls your cell phone and your home phone,” said Griffin.

The code red system is free to any resident of Chickasaw County.

It’s not the only way to stay informed when bad weather develops.

“There are other apps that you can put on your phone through the weather service that will notify you and send you that information,”said Griffin.

“We send out push alerts on our WCBI News app. We’re on Facebook, twitter, social media simulcasting severe weather coverage on also on WCBI TV so really there’s no reason why you shouldn’t know severe weather’s going on now a days,”said Gibson.

When the weather knocks out the power, have a plan.

“Keep their cell phone fully charged. There will be a lot of different reasons you will need that cell phone. To get that call from code red or if you have family members and you’re leaving home you need that phone to let them know you will be in another location,” said Griffin.

Chickasaw County EMA Office also send out weather alerts through Facebook that come down from the Memphis and Jackson area.

For more information on code red or receiving notifications in severe weather visit

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