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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — A struggle over a gun in a moving car leaves one man dead and another behind bars.

Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant says 47-year-old John Easley apparently died from a single gunshot wound at about 3:30 Sunday morning.

Columbus police say 30-year-old James Newsom is charged with murder.

Police say Newsom, of West Point, was driving southbound on Highway 45 in a Chevrolet Malibu and Easley was a passenger when they began struggling over a handgun and Easley was shot.

The car ran into a curb in front of Goose Hollow Furniture and Newsome fled with the gun. A motorist called police reporting a traffic accident and when officers arrived, they found Easley dead from a gunshot wound to the chest.

They later caught Newsom walking a few blocks away on Lincoln Road.

Easley and Newsom aren’t strangers to violence.

Easley has been shot twice previously, the last time outside a home on Fifth Avenue South in August two years ago. He also was charged with kidnapping and felon in possession of a weapon in June 2010.

Newsom also has a criminal record, serving time for robbery.

Police still are looking for the weapon, which they think Newsome threw away when he fled.

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  • vickie

    Why should they pass matter that’s not important to tell folks buisness after a tragic that;s really pointless cause a family is grieving what a shame if that’s the case tell the secert that’s really goin on around here in this prejudice city!!!

  • stephanie

    What’s really going on is that no one can understand your comment, Vickie. In the English language we like to use punctuation. It helps a reader to clearly understand the writer’s thoughts.

    I think what you are trying to say is that Columbus is racist to black people and that the paper should not be providing past criminal histories of the two men involved in the accident/shooting? If I am correct, then you are just silly. Where is the racism involved in all of this? A black man shot another man. Both men have a criminal history. You lose a lot of privileges when you become a criminal. This is public information. To be honest, I think the paper has done a great job at highlighting the fact that our City actually lets criminals off too easily. Robbery, kidnapping, other shootings…?! Why were these men on the road and not in jail? Why have these men been able to take possession of a weapon?? Seems to me, Vickie, that although families are grieving, this was a long time coming. It’s all very sad.

  • James

    Well put Stephanie

  • J. Jones

    Look Stephenie whoever you are don’t speak on Nun you don’t know about. You can be from columbus but at the same time that’s different from being from the streets of Columbus. The only thing that you are right about is when become a criminal you loose privileges. Once you mess up here even the smallest mistakes change yo life forever if you are a black person. And for you to say it’s been a long time coming? I wonder do you know what it feels like to loose yo father bitch that was my daddy

  • chris

    J. Jones. We understand you are hurtin bad. Both men in this story all have family hurtin too. But why must you call her names? It seems as if you are mad at the wrong person. This is “more” than just the “smallest of mistakes” that changed these persons’ lives forever. More like three strikes and you are out. It was a series of “more” than one and “larger mistakes” that brings this situation to pass. Your father took himself away from you by his mistakes. You should be talking to your father and not a web site. He missed up both his life and yours. Just don’t make his mistakes yourself. Don’t let your children hurt some day because they lost both their grand father and their father too. Life is too short.

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