Student Athelete of the Week: Louisville Wildcats’ Kylan Harris

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Kylan Harris is the “center” of attention on the defending 3-A Championship Louisville Wildcats football team.

“Being a Center, all I have to do is snap and protect my quarterback,” says Harris.

Harris been a member of the football team for four years and is now a senior. He says to play with the Wildcats, you must have a winning attitude.

“Louisville Wildcats is a great team, a lot of tradition, a lot state championships. So don’t come out here if you expect to lose. You’re always going to have a winning tradition out here,” says Harris.

Harris isn’t just a great football player. He’s on the weight lifting team, plays tennis and is a member of the Louisville High School Band. Head Football Coach M.C. Miller says Harris is one of a kind.

“He’s just a good kid to be working with. I wish all students were like him. He’s the kind of kid you want your son to be like and he got the grades. He’s going to get an academic scholarship if he doesn’t play football,” says M.C. Miller, Head Football Coach at Louisville High School.

Applying the same discipline he uses in his school work to the game of football is Harris’ winning strategy. His job as a Center, ignites the entire offense.

“Kylan has a big impact on not only our offense but on our whole team. He’s a protector. He’s the starting point of our whole offense,” says Quarterback Brody Burchfield.

Harris will also play long snapper for the Wildcats. After a tough loss against Noxubee County last week, the Wildcats will stay home to take on Philadelphia.

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