Video: Student Athlete of the Week: Bailie Cross, Caledonia HS, Volleyball

CALEDONIA, Miss. (WCBI) — Caledonia’s volleyball team is spiking the competition this year. They’ve only lost twice, and are undefeated in division play. Part of their success comes from a junior making her mark on the court.

Teammates call Bailie Cross a leader, and that could be one reason why this is one of the hottest teams in north Mississippi.

“We’ve improved so much since last year. I think the team has worked better together, and like we all communicate really well, and it’s like a friendship bond, like, on and off the court,” Cross says.

Cross takes volleyball seriously; just a few months ago, she was selected to participate in the Amateur Athletic Union tournament in Orlando, Florida.

“There were thousands of teams there, and everywhere you looked, you could be playing and you could just look to the side, and there was probably like twenty college coaches, standing there with polos, and it was just overwhelming almost, because there was so much excitement,” says Cross.

Coaches across the state are also impressed with the junior’s play on the court. She’s considered one of the top three servers in the state of Mississippi, and one of the key things about her is that leadership she brings to the team.

“Bailie has a passion for the sport. She’s played for a very long time. She works hard in the off season and stays strong. She’s got a really powerful arm swing. She earned the serving award her freshman year, and we knew from then on she was going to be one of the top servers,” says head coach Samantha Brooks.

“She’s so good. She makes you strive to work better and she’s a leader out there. When we are down, she’ll help us up,” says teammate Claudia Garcia.

“She’s kind of an all-around player, and when people need help or they have questions, she helps them,” adds another of Cross’s teammates, Jensen Reed.

After graduating, Cross wants to continue playing volleyball in college; however, she still has goals to accomplish.

“I just hope that everyone remembers me as a leader, and that everyone knows they can come to me if they ever have problems, and I support all of my teammates one hundred percent,” Cross says.


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