Video: Students and Adults Donating To Storm Victims

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WINSTON COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) — Carrying water and supplies, these Louisville High School Students are doing everything they can for tornado victims in need.

“We are the future of the community. And for us to come together and try to help provide what these people need is wonderful,” said Student Montana Eichelberger.

Together they carried basic necessities inside for those who lost everything.

“We’ve been donating clothes, shoes, toiletries, whatever people need. What they need most is what we’re donating. Whatever you need just ask,” said Zora Nicholson.

They’re not alone. Stationed outside the Coliseum is NRG’s Power 2 Serve, a volunteer organization helping victims stay in touch.

“We bring power in basically, so you can have, you can plug your devices in, you can recharge your cellphone, your laptop, your table, whatever it is you need to get reconnected,” said Susan Rogers with NRG.

William Roach is an EMT from Pennsylvania. When he heard about Mississippi’s Tornadoes, he didn’t hesitate to come.

“It’s unfortunate to have lost their homes and their loved ones. That’s really the least we can do to be thankful for what we still have to help those who have lost it,” said Roach.

Organizers say they plan on getting up bright and early tomorrow to help clear debris from homes and businesses.

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