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ALCORN COUNTY, MISS. (WCBI) – School students throughout Northeast Mississippi are getting a chance to see history come alive.

For several years now, history buffs have staged a re enactment of the Battle of Farmington. That skirmish took place in May of 1862 as Confederate Forces were retreating after their defeat at Shiloh.

At this picturesque pasture, just outside Corinth, students are able to step back in time.

It’s part of the annual re enactment of the Battle of Farmington. One of many Civil War Battles fought in the area.

“Had a battle here on May 9th 1862, with , three days later when Union forces left they burnt the town out of existence, with exception of old Farmington Baptist Church,” said Dale Fortenberry, Mayor of Farmington.

Youngsters have a chance to talk with and hear from , actors portraying infantry, cavalry and commanders.

At one camp, Generals Sherman and Grant are holding court .

“It makes me a walking, talking three dimensional teaching tool and if I never say a word , if students and people look at me in uniform, properly attired, they are able to look back through time and see what General Grant really looked like,” says Dr. E.C. Fields, who portrays Maj. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant.

Nearby, General Robert E Lee is explaining the importance of the historic event and the long lasting impact of the Civil War.

“The slaves were freed during this time, we had cities destroyed, the country was destroyed, it took years it took the south, I’d say 100 years to come back from this war,” said William Lee Stofel, who portrays Gen. Robert E. Lee.

For students and adults, this field trip is entertaining and informative.

“I learned a lot of the things they put down, they haven’t put down all the information and some of the things we learned here is really cool because you learn more about the period of time and not just what happened on the battlefield,” said Ashlie Rencher, of Pathway Christian Academy.

“I did not know,that why Sherman killed, robbed and burned in Atlanta. He did it cause he wanted to save people,” said Lafayette Jourdan, an organizer of the field trip. “By taking and killing their crops they wouldn’t be able to do any work, fighting.”

Living history lessons continue Friday with tours for more school groups. Then Saturday and Sunday,hundreds will be here to take part in the re enactment of the Battle of Farmington

For more information go to www.battleoffarmington.com

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