Study Shows Mississippi Ranks First In Some Deadly Car Crash Categories


(WCBI / CBS News) – A new study shows Mississippi isn’t among the safest or the most dangerous states in many categories of behavior that might lead to deadly driving conditions. It does rank first in some specific categories, however.

The Auto Insurance Center (AIC) just completed a study of the deadliest driving conditions by state throughout the U.S. from 2005 to 2015. The insurance news and information website used the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s fatal accident reporting system to reveal the cause of deadly crashes.

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Mississippi is first in the category of failure to stay in a lane, when it results in someone dying, and first in rain-caused deaths on the road.

The Magnolia State is fifth in speeding and racing crashes that lead to death and ninth in drunk driving fatal crashes. Mississippi is in the middle of the pack in many other categories, which include reckless driving and road rage.

Alabama is the fifth-safest state when it comes to careless and reckless driving. Alabama was the leader in police pursuits causing death.

When it comes to careless and reckless driving, wide-open Montana had the greatest death rate, 108 fatalities for every 100,000 residents over those 11 years. Not buckling your seat belt was the most common cause. Arkansas was second with 86 deaths.

Conversely, New York and California were among the states with the fewest fatalities per 100,000 with about two and three respectively. Other safe states were Virginia and Indiana.