Super-regional baseball brings people to support MSU and local business

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Baseball super-regionals are back in Starkville.

The Mississippi State baseball team is hosting Notre Dame from June 12, 2021, through June 14, 2021, with the winning team heading to Ohama.

This is the last series at Dudy Noble for the season, and people came out to show their support and boost local business.

S.E.C sports typically draw large crowds. That’s especially true with fans finally being able to fill the stands to full capacity and with it being the last series in the Magnolia State people were thrilled to get back in the stands.

“The atmosphere at football and baseball games with a full capacity crowd here in Mississippi is just like nothing else in the world,” said Mississippi State fan Sam Motherway.

“The second time I visited here I came for super bulldog weekend and we went to all the games that entire weekend and that’s what actually made me fall in love with the school so Mississippi State baseball actually has a special place in my heart,” said Mississippi State fan Maddie Terrell.

More baseball means more people and that is what local business owners love to see; especially after having a slow start to the summer.

“Usually it’s dead around here students are gone it’s a ghost town but with all these extra people in town it really boosts the economy and just helps us get through the slow point of summer until August gets back here,” said the owner of Boardtown Pizza and Pints Tyler Klaas.

Klaas said although the cotton district is usually thriving with students; summertime and super-regional baseball bring in new faces.

“People come in from different areas of the country all over the state and surrounding states to come in and support Mississippi State and then all the locals are coming down too so it’s slower but you get enough to coast through until fall gets here,” said Klaas.

Multiple places are short on staff, but Klaas said his team is willing to make it work.

“I think everybody is kind of having that labor shortage you know you just kind of roll with the punches and do what you can you know. I’ve got good staff who’s willing to work doubles you know stuff like that is helping out,” said Klaas.

Business owners said they are thankful the baseball team has done well and brought tourists to the town and they wish Mississippi State baseball the best.

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