Teacher Absenteeism Affecting Students

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ABERDEEN, Miss. (WCBI) – Whether its students or teachers, absenteeism creates challenges for school districts.

Students count on teachers to educate them on a daily basis. But teachers are only human. Sometimes they need to take a sick day. Then it’s up to substitutes, to stay on the lesson plan and keep kids learning.

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“To have a inflexion of them is never really good, because students they tend to work better when they’re more content when they see the same person consistently.When a sub has to come in what we try to do at Aberdeen is make sure they are equip with the material as if the teacher was here,” said Principal Demond Radcliff.

Substitute teachers play a vital part of the learning environment for students. And one principal says they expect subs to pick up right where the certified teacher left off, keeping the learning process consistent.

“We try to make sure our subs are qualified enough to present the lesson…Because we use the same teachers, substitute teachers when we have to call them in, these students know who plays and don’t play,” added Radcliff.

Principal Radcliff says using people in the community, the students identify with, as substitutes, helps them stay focused. He’s hoping to keep teacher attendance up this year. One parent tell us she’s fine with having her child occasionally taught by a substitute.

“If the teacher, the sub comes in and she does the same criteria that is required for the class, I have no problem with it. If my child is learning basically what she need to be learning in that class period, I have no problem with it,” said parent Fatima James.
Principal Radcliff says he tells his teachers to establish a solid classroom environment at the start of every year.