TECHBYTE: Father’s Day gift ideas

TECHBYTE (WCBI)- Your dad deserves the best tech he can get, without you breaking the bank. Let’s look at some affordable gifts you can get for him this Father’s Day.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are on tight budgets right now. But you can still find dad a nice Father’s Day gift – even for less than $100!

Wireless headphones are great for a dad who’s on the go. He can use them for working out or even going on a hike.

You have so many affordable options for these too.

You can get earbuds, over-ear headphones, or even noise-canceling ones if you’re willing to spend a little more money.

Another good gift for a dad who’s a music junkie is a portable outdoor speaker. He’ll get plenty of use out of one right now in the summer. It’s perfect if dad goes camping, or just wants to hang out by the pool.

It’s durable, and if it’s waterproof, even better!

A voice assistant is a surprisingly affordable gift that your dad can use for many things.

If he’s having to multitask more often while working from home, a voice assistant can help with that.

It’s great for keeping him organized, like setting alarms, controlling smart home devices, answering questions, and playing music.

If he’s a sports fan, he can even use an assistant to check the score of a game, once more teams start back playing again.

And if he has a tablet, it needs a good case to protect it that’s still functional.

A kickstand case is good for that. It makes it easier for Dad to see the screen to video chat, or watch a movie on it.

A case with a keyboard is also great for typing, so he can easily send an e-mail, with having to use the touch screen.

And if you’re still not sure if he’ll like any of these, you can always get him an iTunes gift card, or one for his favorite electronics store.

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