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TECHBYTE (WCBI)- The Consumer Electronics Show or CES, may be over, but we still have lots of cool tech products to look forward to in the near future.

From transportation to robots – exciting things are ahead in the tech world, and CES is giving us a preview.

Hyundai is showing off its version of a flying taxi, which it’s calling a Personal Air Vehicle.

The car company is teaming up with Uber to make it happen.

The electric PAV will use the airspace instead of the road, helping out with traffic congestion. It can even go up to 180 miles per hour!

Mercedes-Benz is revealing its Vision AVTR, inspired by the movie, Avatar.

This car can drive autonomously, but it looks just as fun driving it yourself.

It’s all electric, with a recyclable battery, and doesn’t have a steering wheel!

How do you get around then? You just put your hand in the control center.

Want some extra help around the house – in particular, the kitchen and bathroom? There are some new robots that can help!

Check out Samsung’s Bot Chef.

This robot can help you make variety of things, from coffee to tofu.

This sous chef’s arms hang down from a kitchen counter to put ingredients into a pan for you.

If you’re a Star Wars fan, you’ll love this other robot from Samsung that’s similar to one of its newer droid characters, BB-8.

Ballie is a yellow rolling ball that can listen to your commands – like waking you up, turning on your appliances, and even playing with your pet.

And here’s a more unusual roll-bot.

Charmin has come up with one that can bring you a new roll of toilet paper, if needed.

Its “Smellsense” device can also warn you on your smartphone if your bathroom smells not-so-nice.

There are so many more cool tech products that we just don’t have time to talk about.

Many of them, you never knew you needed!

Head over to the CES’ website,, to check them all out!

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