The Cost Of History

ABERDEEN, Miss.(WCBI)- It’s a debate that’s gaining traction all over, but especially in the south preserving historic homes.

Though we live in 2018, Northeast Mississippi is used to seeing homes built in the 17 and 1800s.

Whether they are in great condition or falling apart some say the homes are worth preserving. History is alive in the Magnolia State.

“We have several historic homes here in Aberdeen and several different home owners. They come into different stages. Some have already been restored and they are able to maintain and preserve them, and then there are others who have to start from scratch,” said Aberdeen visitors Bureau Director Tina Robbins.

The Seymer family was one of the lucky ones when they purchased the Holliday Haven.

“Since I’ve been here, I’ve painted it three times and put a roof on it and that’s basically all I’ve done. If you keep it dry, keep it painted , keep a roof on it they maintain. 90% of the wood in this house has been here 168 years,” said Seymer.

Robbins says though beautiful in nature, if not kept up the historic home can cost owners and communities a lot of time and money.

“It is a huge undertaking and they do take it seriously. Several are in his historic district so you’ve got to go through the Department of Archives to keep it historically accurate and there’s color schemes and different things that go into the factors of restoring it. There are larger heating bills just maintenance of every day living in addition to keeping it,” said Robbins.

Tom’s Wife Emily says they take pride in preserving their home because it’s a preservation of american history.

“Most people are really interested in the history of our country and I think it’s very important to preserve all things and take care of them and have history to pass on to the next generation,” said Emily Seymer.

“When you see the older photo collections and you’re like, where is that house, it’s not here anymore. Either weather took it, there was a fire or it just fell apart, because it didn’t have somebody taking care of it and so, it just kind a tugs at your heart to know that that beautiful piece of architecture used to be there and it’s not there,” said Robbins.

The Seymer’s purchased the Holliday Haven Home in 1993 from the original family owners.

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