The West Point police department is hosting its first junior police academy

WEST POINT, Miss. (WCBI)- Police are people too is one of the messages the West Point Police Department taught kids at its first Junior Police Academy. The department is shining a light on what police are really about. They taught the youth what it takes to be a good cop and the cadets caught on quickly. Morning PT, defense techniques, and life lessons were all on the schedule which took some cadets by surprise.

“I also learned about how to make a weather storm kit I also learned what it looks like in a jail,” said junior cadet Rebecca Craic.

“Honestly I’ve loved it like coming to this camp at first I was like what is this but it’s a really good experience and I definitely think a lot more kids should join,” said junior cadet Aniyah Hudnall.

Assistant Chief Kennedy Meaders and Lt. Tara Sloan started the camp for kids ages 8 through 17 to connect with the city’s youth.

“Here lately you know we’ve had a little tough situation when dealing with the community but starting with the kids I think is a really good thing because they can go back and talk to their parents about some of the things they’ve learned,” said Meaders.

Cadets learned more than just exercise and CPR they were taught to not just pay attention to how police are portrayed on television.

“We’re human just like they are you know we have families just like they do and we want our children just as well as the children that we’re teaching that we’re here for you,” said Meaders.

Camp started at 8 a.m. and ran until 12 p.m. They not only learned about what police do but how to interact with officers.

“I know that we let them know that when the police stop you; you are to listen and with listening to you get understanding and with understanding becomes knowledge and wisdom of the things you’re supposed to do and what you’re not supposed to do,” said Sloan.

The cadets also practiced for their big day as they will be the first graduates of the West Point Junior Police Academy.

“Friday we will have the cadet graduation where they will receive their awards and certificates and after that, we will see them on their way,” said Sloan.

The police department plans to host the event in 2022 and hopes that more parents will get their kids signed up for what they feel is an unforgettable experience.

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