Thousands visit Friendly City during Spring Pilgrimage

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Thousands of people from across the country turned up at this year’s Spring Pilgrimage.

CEO and Executive Director of Visit Columbus, Nancy Carpenter, said up to 10,000 people toured homes, were at Catfish in the Alley, or stopped by for a performance of the Tales from the Crypt.

Folks from 42 states and 12 other countries visited the Friendly City for the 79th Annual Spring Pilgrimage.

A group of women from Minnesota visited and tells Carpenter their experience was nothing short of amazing.

“They were impressed with every resident and their warmth and hospitality. They said the food was the best they ever had,” said Carpenter.

Over 1,400 people attended Tales from the Crypt over its four-night run.

The ladies from Minnesota took time to share their experience in Columbus which you can read in full below:


Hello, Nancy
I am one of the four women from Minnesota who had the opportunity to attend the Pilgrimage in Columbus last week.
We had an amazing stay! The tour of homes was so well organized, and the volunteers working at each home were so informative. We loved that each person was in antebellum attire and enjoyed the age range of the volunteers!
Although the purpose of our trip was to tour the antebellum homes and gardens, the experience was so much more. The food couldn’t have been better and the southern hospitality was at its finest!
Before we came we wondered what we would  do with all our time, but the Kick Off with crawfish and music, Catfish in the Alley, and the Tales from the Crypt were great events we wouldn’t have wanted to miss. We even felt a little remorseful that we couldn’t have stayed longer to experience the Quilt Trail and Garden Party.
What amazed me the most was the evidence of love for his/her community from each resident in this diverse community. (Of course, you do have much to be proud of!)
Thank you to all the citizens of Columbus for making us feel welcome and showing us the best of the south.
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