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CLAY COUNTY, Miss. — On May 28, 2013 the Clay County Sheriff Department assisted by the Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics arrested three individuals on felony drug warrants.

Arrested were Brandon Butler, 27, on two felony drug warrants for Sale of Cocaine; Dana Gustavis, 27, on a felony drug warrant for Sale of Marijuana and Malicious Mischief; and Lyndon Fisher, 49, on a felony drug warrant for Sale of Hydrocodone and Sale of Alprazolam.

Gustavis is currently being held without bond in the Clay County Detention Center. Butler has a $10,000.00 bond and Fisher’s bond was set at $5,000.00 and both individuals are currently out on bond awaiting their arraignment.

Clay County Sheriff Eddie Scott stated that all 3 individuals will have their arraignment in Circuit Court on July 8, 2013.

A fourth individual was also arrested on a Lowndes County felony drug warrant and was transported to Lowndes County Detention Center.

Sheriff Scott stated that these arrests were the result of an ongoing drug investigation in Clay County and more arrests are expected in the future.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Clay County Sheriff’s Department at 662-494-2896, Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics at 662-494-9744 or Golden Triangle Crime Stoppers at 1-800-530-7151.

  • johnny

    What??? There is no way… Not these guys. They’re very famous rappers in the Golden Triangle (GTA) Northeast Mississippi. I love the music…

  • jimmy

    Someone please help these guys. they’re really good guys you know. I really hate this for them and I’m a really big fan. Free Cali-Zest

  • bluerall

    Ain’t that fisher guy the country store guy ? This is weird.

  • kesha

    Omg… I’m about to cry. I love they’re music but hey. Who’s the white guy? Is he the CEO of Pheba entertainment? I don’t understand why is the white guy in the picture

  • mallory

    I see these guys everyday. They should have been left Mississippi and pursued they’re music careers and I am also a big fan of they’re music. Well I’m headed back to Tampa bay now.

  • nicia

    Omg I have the biggest crush on butler. He’s so sexy. Especially when he’s on stage. O my lord.

  • tiffany

    What? This is crazy. I’ve been waiting to see these guys in concert again. They have the best performance that I’ve ever seen. Bring them to the hunt club in starkville. I love them guys so much….

  • jessica

    Omg who is the white guy? Is he ok? He doesn’t look to good. The 2 black guys are super nice. I always get an autograph from them 2 but the white looks like the country store guy but I’m not sure

  • billy ray

    The illuminati is so dirty. They been wanting these guys because they wouldn’t sell out. With such good music. Why do u think they’re not big time. They turned down record deals to keep they’re souls.

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