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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Manicures have been around almost as long a cuticles.

But a glossy finish, is just the tip of the finger.

Behind every great mani stands a well prepared nail therapist.

In a strictly literal sense, your feelings begin with your hands and your feet.

In the wintertime, dry, heated air and thick socks can leave your extremities looking a little extreme.

Melissa Rushing owns Bella Derma in Columbus.

She says, “One of the first places you are going to see dry out are your hands your feet and your lips.”

Spa treatments make an ideal Christmas gift for ‘her’.

At places like Bella Derma in Columbus, setting the stage for relaxation is serious business.

Melissa explains, ” A lot of times, when you go in places, there is a lot of chaos going on, in the kind of salon atmosphere, we really just provide a relaxing atmosphere where you know you are going to be taken care of and that you can get away from everything.”

It starts with soft lighting and seating.

Pedicures are performed in a pure copper bowl.

Melissa adds, just a more intimate experience.

I asked Nail therapist Stephanie Cash if anybody ever get ticklish and start laughing? She said, “Yes.”

But when people do relax, a proper nail treatment can work wonders.

Stephanie remembers what satisfied customers have told her, ” That it’s the most amazing pedicure they’ve ever had or manicure that’s the best compliment I get.”

So what ingredients go into a good manicure?

Turns out, the less complicated the better.

We run down the list in next week’s story.

According to Melissa, the number one key to healthy skin and nails is drinking plenty of water.

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